Mandy Mullaney

Bowen Therapy / Homeopathy


My passion for homeopathy was born after successful treatment for myself and my animals. This prompted my homeopathic training, a career change and a sad farewell to a life working with animals as a veterinary nurse.

I trained at the London College of Practical Homeopathy and qualified in 2001. I chose this college as Practical Homeopathy encompasses all methods of homeopathic prescribing including Classical Homeopathy.

In 2003 I moved to Kent and set up private practice with clinics in Folkestone and Whitstable.  Since then I have built up a widespread client base from all over Kent. My homeopathic clinics at Whitstable and Folkestone are both within easy reach of Canterbury and Ashford and the surrounding coastal towns of Dover, Deal, Sandwich and Thanet.

In this time, I also started a family and now have two beautiful daughters that demonstrate time and time again how profoundly and quickly children respond to homeopathy.

In 2007, I began experiencing lower back pain and sciatica, later to be diagnosed as a prolapsed lumbar disc.  In this instance homeopathy alone was not enough to resolve the problem, and so began a journey of discovery of several different methods of bodywork and other therapies to seek resolution.  It seemed like a long journey (over a year) as while most therapies helped to some degree, the relief was not for long.   That is, until it was suggested that I try Bowen therapy.

Bingo! this amazing therapy brought about sustained relief from the symptoms within 2 sessions.  10yrs later and I have not re-visited the place of chronic pain that I was in all those years ago.  I have had the odd twinge here and there and one worrying episode after some intensive decorating and DIY that lasted a few days but Bowen always balances me out and gets me moving again.

Impressed with the profound effect that Bowen had for me, when circumstances allowed I started the practitioner training and in 2013 I qualified in Bowen Therapy after training with the European College of Bowen Studies (now College of Bowen Studies). I regularly attend workshops and seminars to further study the ever-evolving practice and theory of this remarkable therapy and how and why it works.

In my spare time, I enjoy pottering in the garden and walking my dogs.  I have a passion for the natural world in general and love looking at ways in which I can facilitate a welcoming environment in my garden for birds, bees, butterflies and many other flora and fauna that make up our diversity of wildlife.  My days of working with animals are not completely over either; I volunteer for The Cats Protection League and German Shepherd Rescue.

Fully registered member of The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA)

Fully registered member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH)

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